rs. Julia Rock, B.S.

Mrs. RockWelcome to Third Grade!

I’m looking forward to meeting and working with you this year. I graduated from Wayne State University in 1991 and continue to work towards my Masters in Education at Saginaw Valley State University. My husband, Mark, and our three children, Melissa, Amanda and Kayla live in Clay Township. In my free time I enjoy water sports, reading, and taking professional development courses.
In third grade we will be covering many new things as well as reviewing some basic skills.

• Math–multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, metric conversions, elapsed time, and geometry.
• English–characteristics of good writing and proper use of basic grammar.
• Reading–students will be learning how to read for comprehension using fictional and non-fiction writing, writing book reports, and Accelerated Reading.
• Spelling–weekly spelling trial tests and tests
• Religion–study the 10 Commandments, the Beatitudes, and different saints, memorize prayers, participate in masses and learn reverence.
• Science–classifying living things, ecosystems, Earth and its resources, climate, solar system, matter, forces, energy, and learn how to do a science fair project.
• Social Studies–Michigan government, Michigan industry and economy, Michigan history, and core democratic values
• Handwriting–continue to write legible cursive.

Grade 3 Curriculum Overview


* The church, its early beginning and its structure–the Trinity, Jesus as Son of God, the Holy Spirit and Heaven
* Sacraments of Eucharist and Reconciliation
* The commandments
* The liturgical year
* Identify Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter and Pentecost
* Become familiar with the Bible
* Become acquainted with the stories of the miracles and the parables


* Identify place value to thousands
* Read, write standard numerals to 1000
* Explain, solve basic multiplication facts
* Apply problem solving strategies
* Use standard, metric units
* Read, interpret graphs
* Add, subtract money through $1.00
* Solve basic division facts
* Identify fractional parts



* Enjoy listening to, reading from, talking about books–recognize, recall main idea, sequence
* Understand cause and effect in a story
* Apply what has been earned from a story to other situations
* Predict outcome


* Participate in activities which precede writing
* Write ideas with fluency, confidence
* Examine use of precise, descriptive words
* Reconstruct sentences for variety
* Go over final writing for correctness appropriate to grade level


* Use appropriate listening/responding behavior
* Recall, identify important details
* Follow oral directions


* Tell stories, share experiences and ideas appropriately, clearly, audibly and expressively
* Ask appropriate questions, make comments relevant to topic
* Prepare, deliver oral presentations, speeches, reports, etc.

Study Skills

* Recognize and use various components of a book
* Alphabetize through third letter
* Use dictionary for word meanings and part-of-speech labels
* Summarize material



* Animals, their young, stages of development
* Physical changes of matter
* Energy and work, different kinds of energy
* Use of various thermometers to measure heat
* Static electricity
* Parts of a circuit
* Magnetism
* Weather, Earth’s revolution
* Water cycle
* Rocks, fossils, layers of earth
* Earthquakes, volcanoes, geysers
* Erosion, pollution and its effects on environment
* Gravity
* Solar system, satellites, constellations
* Current events in science
* Responsibilities as good stewards of Earth
* Recycling



K-3 geography is integrated in social studies.  The emphasis is on location and place:
* Point out the North and South Poles, equator, Arctic and Antarctic Circles
* Use a map to point out the location of the community, state, country and continent relative to one another
* Locate places on a map which has a grid reference system
* Distinguish physical from people-made features using pictures, maps of communities, cities, countries, regions
* Discuss differences between a globe and a map
Please click on the Curriculum Overview Brochure to download and read or print (print the cover separately).
Curriculum Overview Brochure

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