Middle School

Grade 5-8 Religion and Social Studies / Grade 7 Homeroom

Mr. R. Brian Cherry

Richard Brian Cherry

Education: after 18+ years in the US Air Force, BA from University of North Carolina, MA from Oakland University.

Interests: playing/coaching/watching basketball, back-country hiking, gardening and genealogy.

Family: wife Larena (a Marine City native), 16 year old daughter, 11 year old son, and daughter on the way in January. Also 3 “furry kids:” cats Rommel, Piper and Lizzie.

Scholastic Book Clubs Classroom Code : L9LNJ (for ordering online at www.scholasticbookclubs.com)

Grade 7 Curriculum Overview


* Story of Jesus, His life, His teachings, His miracles, and His friends and enemies
* Application of the Gospel message to life
* Develop personal and social conscience
* Study process of decision-making
* Importance of virtues
* The Beatitudes in living a good Christian life
* Develop mature, trusting and loyal relationships with peers, parents and other adults
* Develop a strong, realistic concept of self by exploring who they are and who they can become



• Use of the eight strands of social studies to organize, analyze and evaluate situations from history and current world events.
• Continued development of basic geographical and study skills integrated into material.
• Focus on the history and development of the United States from its beginning to1870.
• Evaluate the role of the United States in world events and her relationship to other countries up to 1870.
• Analyze historical and contemporary situations and problems and their impact on the United States and the world.
• Study and understand political, historical, and thematic maps.

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Curriculum Overview Brochure

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