Pre School- Mrs. Cindy Jondron, B.S.

Mrs. Jondron

Mrs. Jondron believes it is her duty as a teacher to encourage students to be responsible for their lives, education, and goals. She feels every child has the right to a proper education and that it is her job to use all resources available to accommodate to every child’s learning needs. In addition to teaching preschool, Mrs. Jondron brings an extensive background in literacy to Holy Cross. She is very happy to be teaching preschool at Holy Cross.


Program hours: 8:30-11:00am Monday, Wednesday & Friday.

The Holy Cross preschool program is meant to help children learn through play. Instruction centers around timely themes throughout the school year. Areas for child development include development of language skills and expression, fine and gross motor skills, understanding of and appreciation for mathematics, science and literacy. Children have time to discover the world through the use of puzzles, games, arts, crafts, dramatic play, imagination, large muscle play and small manipulative play. The message of Catholic Christianity is woven into the school day for the children.

Preschool Fire Truck