We hope that as you explore our website, request information, tour, shadow, or contact us that Holy Cross is the perfect fit for your family. We accept admissions applications all year.

Step 1: Learn about Holy Cross Catholic School

Every student and every family is unique. We recommend that you look at the options below and decide what will help you get to know Holy Cross Catholic School the best. All of the activities in this step are optional. You can choose to do all of them, or if you already know you want to apply for admission, you can begin the application step at any time.

  • Request Information
    • Please email
    • Or call our school office at (810) 765-3591
  • Tour Our School
  • Schedule Your Child(ren) for a Shadow Day

Step 2: Application

When you have determined that Holy Cross Catholic School could be a good fit for your family, you are ready to apply. As part of the application process you will complete the Admissions Application Forms, gather your student’s birth certificate, and immunization records. Once all application materials are submitted, you will hear from us within one week to plan the next step.

Click below to access our downloadable admission application:

Step 3: Interview/Assessment

Once we have reviewed your completed application, we will contact you to discuss next steps, which may include an interview and student assessment.

Step 4: Admissions Decision

Each student’s application is carefully considered by the administration. All discussions regarding applications are held in strict confidence. Admission decisions consider the student’s potential for success at Holy Cross and the ability of Holy Cross to meet the student’s needs. Parents will be notified of the admissions decision in a timely manner. Holy Cross Catholic School will admit students according to the criteria and priority outlined in our Admissions Policy.

Step 5: Apply for Tuition Assistance (optional)

This information can be obtained from our school office.

Step 6: Arrange for Tuition Payment

Holy Cross works with FACTS, a tuition management company to manage families’ tuition accounts.  You may also choose to pay tuition in full. This information can be obtained from our school office.

Step 7: Enrollment

Completion of steps 1-6 completes the admissions process. If a student is enrolled during summer break, they will be prepared to start classes on the first day of school. If a student is a mid-year transfer student, the student is prepared to start classes on a date determined together by the parents and the principal. Additionally, students will be eligible to begin participating in extra-curricular activities, including athletics.

At Holy Cross Catholic School, we look forward to working with you as you consider Holy Cross for your family. If you have any questions, we can be reached at (810) 765-3591. We look forward to talking with you!