Kindergarten – Mrs. Ashley Gryszkiewicz

 Here are some of the things we expect to cover in Kindergarten:
  • Phonemic awareness: letter sounds, blending sounds to make words, segmenting, rhyming,
    word families
  •  Reading skills: reading and spelling Dolch sight words, concepts in print, word and picture association, story writing
  • Math skills: creating patterns, counting and writing numbers, early addition and subtraction skills, 3D solid shapes
  • Science: differences between living and nonliving, what do plants and animals need to grow and live, types of weather
  • Practicing fine and gross motor skills such as; holding and writing with a pencil, hopping, and skipping
  • Social development, including sharing, interacting with others and following directions
  • Enjoying special classes (computers, Spanish, gym, art, music) and field trips

Please click on the curriculum overview brochure to download and read or print (print the cover separately).

Curriculum Overview Brochure

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