camp8Camp Wolverine

Grades 5-8


Camp Supply List

A long standing tradition at Holy Cross Catholic School is our annual trip to Wolverine Outdoor Education Camp, in Wolverine, Michigan. Camp takes place for one full school week, typically between the last week in January and the first week in February. Students in grades five through eight, as well as many parent chaperons, attend this event.

Students are divided into groups of mixed grades. These groups work together for the week. Students spend the majority of the day outside learning a variety of skills, from various aspects of pioneer life to wilderness survival skills. Students also do a number of team building activities.

Each evening, our group has a program that will focus on various topics. We also celebrate the Mass.

Camp is not a vacation—it is an active learning experience! Students have daily chores, from cleaning their dorm, helping in the kitchen or lodge, or taking care of the animals. Students are also required to complete a daily journal, which is handed in to their teachers for a grade.