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Our Lady on the River Parish

Pastor Fr. Stephen Rooney
Pastoral Associate Sister Mary Ann Ankoviak

Holy Cross School Teachers and Staff

Principal Mr. Michael Hayes
Preschool Mrs. Cindy Jondron
Kindergarten Ms. Marisa McNamee
Grade One Ms. Ashely Gryszkiewicz
Grade Two Mrs. Julia Rock
Grade Three Mrs.Linda Hanna
Grade Four Mrs. Linda Hanna
Middle School Mrs. Anna Wade Math / Science grades 5-8
Mrs. Darlene McNichol Social Studies /Religion grades 5-8
Mrs. Carrie Johnson Language Arts 5-8
Mrs. Maria Kammer Grades 1-8
Spanish Mrs. Lea Biers Grades 1-8
Mr. Adam Cable Grades 1-8
Mrs. Bea Wassenberg Liturgical Music
Art Mrs. Cindy Jondron Kindergarten
Mrs. Kris Washburn Grades 1-8
Physical Education Mrs. Cindy Jondron Kindergarten
Mr. Michael Oberski Grades 1-8

as of September 2014

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